Shooty Goat

Shooty Goat is a shoot-em-up created to exhibit alongside the Brinkbit platform. The player guides a flying supergoat and duels herds of oncoming enemy sheep, culminating in a battle with a mechanical ram. The game is a responsive web app developed in JavaScript and optimized for web, tablet, and smartphone platforms. I built the game on Richard Davey’s open-source Phaser framework and took notes from Bryan Bibat’s HTML5 Shoot-Em-Up in an Afternoon.


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Tribitech Kickstarter

We interrupt our regular (lazy) update schedule to feature a project by some fellow indie artists. My best friend Justin Livi recently cofounded a video game development studio called Tribitech, which today launched a Kickstarter to fund the development of their first game.   I’ve seen some early alpha builds of the game, and I … Continue reading Tribitech Kickstarter