Shooty Goat

Shooty Goat is a shoot-em-up created to exhibit alongside the Brinkbit platform. The player guides a flying supergoat and duels herds of oncoming enemy sheep, culminating in a battle with a mechanical ram. The game is a responsive web app developed in JavaScript and optimized for web, tablet, and smartphone platforms. I built the game on Richard Davey’s open-source Phaser framework and took notes from Bryan Bibat’s HTML5 Shoot-Em-Up in an Afternoon.


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Brinkbit Logo Redesign

During AccelerateBaltimore 2015, Brinkbit was tasked with evaluating our logo, brand materials, and style guide.The original logo had a couple of key strengths: notably its unique shape and format and the way the icon and text elements reinforced each other. But we decided to put everything on the table to see if we could build … Continue reading Brinkbit Logo Redesign